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New Year's 2020 Giveaway

1964 Seiko Sportsmatic Automatic Dress Watch,

w/Two Leather Two Stitch Straps

To start New Year’s 2020 off strong, DC Vintage Watches and Two Stitch Straps are holding a joint giveaway of a 1964 Seiko Sportsmatic automatic dress watch and two leather straps.

One of the major draws of Seiko’s Sportsmatic automatic line - like the mid-1965 Sportsmatic Deluxe here, and its accompanying two Two Stitch Straps leather straps - were their amazingly simplistic dials and the figurative “elephant tusks” hands.  All these singular features combine to form its single greatest aesthetic quality – symmetry. The nearly invisible hidden crowns coupled with the sparse dial give it a simple, clean symmetrical style hard to find in a watch of any era or price range.  Everything is in balance.


The Sportsmatic line was introduced in 1963, but oddly enough, not all Sportsmatic’s were "Sportsmatic 5’s."  The Sportsmatic 5, with the “5” representing the features listed above (or some variant thereof), was a sub-model of the Sportsmatic series.

Per Worn&Wound’s review of the Sportsmatic, “…one of the most affordable pieces we’ve covered to date.  I can’t overstate it enough that if you’re even half considering a Seiko Sportsmatic, grab one and you’ll be happy that something so inexpensive can be so nice. It’s a versatile watch that turns heads.  Every time I post this watch on Instagram, I get loads of requests about the detail behind it…If you’re not a vintage watch person, but are simply reading our site and want a classically styled legitimate timepiece, this is your invitation to stop shopping for watches in the J.Crew catalog – this Seiko is far better than a pricey NATO-clad Timex.”

On Two Stitch Straps:  Two Stitch started off as a small group of watch enthusiasts specialized in different areas (leather production, marketing and watch industry) - "We started off as a small group of watch enthusiasts specialized in different areas (leather production, marketing and watch industry). At one point we decided to merge our professional knowledge with our hobby and take it to the next level. Today, we came to the point where we are so pleased with our straps, that we decided to make them available to all watch enthusiasts worldwide...We pride ourselves on making our watch straps by hand from the highest quality calf leather. The process of manufacturing our straps is highly time consuming and each strap is handled with great care and attention to detail. Using only manual labour and traditional manufacturing methods, our straps are made to last"

DIAL: Original silver sunburst Seiko Sportsmatic-signed dial, with radial brushed finish and original dauphine hands.


CASE: Original 38mm x 44mm stainless-steel case.  Snap-on case back is lightly engraved with the classic Seiko dolphin logo, signifying water resistance.


BAND: This Sportsmatic comes with two leather Two Stitch straps – a black strap and a light brown strap, each with cream-colored stitching and stainless-steel hardware.


CRYSTAL: Domed acrylic crystal in excellent condition.


MOVEMENT: Original Seiko automatic movement, manufactured in April 1964.


CROWN: Two original unsigned crowns; the upper one is for the date function quick-set (day function is not quick-set), and the bottom one is to set the time.


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That's it! For more details about Two Stitch, visit their website at

Giveaway ends  January 19th, 2020

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