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DCVW & Clockwork Synergy November Giveaway 

1975 Automatic Citizen Watch, w/Five Straps and Springbar Tool


DC Vintage Watches and Clockwork Synergy present a 1975 Citizen automatic watch, presented with five Clockwork Synergy straps and a springbar tool, for our December giveaway. 


You can’t speak Citizen without taking into consideration this is a quintessential Japanese brand just as Seiko, with the nation’s philosophy and lifestyle encoded in its DNA.  Citizen – like this vintage automatic piece for the December 2017 Clockwork Synergy and DC Vintage Watches giveaway – has all these and much more: respect, simplicity, tradition, work ethics and pride, innovation, art, and philosophy.


One hundred years ago – this year (!) – the Citizen Watch Co. Ltd. was born under the name Shokosha Watch Research Institute.  Tokyo mayor Shimpei Goto named the first watch “CITIZEN” with the hope the watch, a luxury item in those times, would become widely available to ordinary citizens and be sold throughout the world.  With this hope, Citizen went on to become the world’s largest watch manufacturer.


In 1924, the first Citizen pocket watch was produced; in fact, one of the first pieces produced by the company was purchased by Emperor Showa, Prince Regent at the time.  Fast forward a few years, in 1930, Yosaburo Nakajima laid the foundations for the Citizen watch empire, and in 1936 Citizen expanded beyond the boundaries of Japan, exporting watches to many parts of Southeast Asia.


DIAL: Original silver dial, with original minute, hour, and second hands.  Day/date function at 3 o’clock position work as designed.  


CASE: Original stainless steel case in pre-loved condition, with original caseback.  


CRYSTAL: Acrylic crystal, with several small surface scratches.

BANDS: 5 new Clockwork Synergy straps + Steel Spring Removal Tool.

MOVEMENT: Original September 1975 Citizen 21 jewel automatic movement.

CROWN: Original stainless-steel crown.


Giveaway ends November 22nd, 2017 - find more information on entering here:

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