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DCVW & Brennyn March 2018 Giveaway 

1968 Seiko 6119-8020 Automatic Watch, w/Two NATO Straps


DC Vintage Watches and Brennyn Straps present a 1978 Seiko automatic watch, presented with two Brennyn NATO straps, for our March giveaway. 


Seiko’s “5” line was born in 1963, a sub-brand of accessibly priced mechanical watches created, according to Seiko, to be “a watch whose performance would serve the demanding needs of the 1960’s generation.”


The “accessibly-priced” nomenclature might bring the reasonable assessment compromises had been made in the construction of the 5 series, but this was not the case.  The introduction of the “5 Sports” series in 1968, was designed to bring the advantages of the 5 to more up-market watches; for example, Seiko used “5 Sports” branding in a number of its well-known 6139 automatic chronographs.


The lack of evident compromises achieved in producing an accessibly priced watch for the 1960’s generation is perhaps no better exemplified than in the example we consider today, a handsome 6119-8020 from 1968.


DIAL: Original silver dial, with original minute, hour, and second hands.  Day/date function at 3 o’clock position work as designed.  


CASE: Original stainless steel case in pre-loved condition, with original caseback - 37mm x 43mm.  


CRYSTAL: Acrylic crystal, with no blemishes or scratches.

BANDS: Two new Brennyn NATO straps.

MOVEMENT: Original April 1968 Seiko 21-jewel automatic movement.

CROWN: Original stainless-steel crown.


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Giveaway ends March 21st, 2018

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