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May 2019 Giveaway

1967 Seiko 5126-7000 Automatic Watch, w/The Watch Steward Strap

DCVW partners with The Watch Steward this month for our May 2019 giveaway, an all original 1967 Seiko 5126 automatic watch, with a Watch Steward strap and a second NATO two-piece strap. 

The Seiko 5126 movement comes from the Seiko 5100 range of automatic movements produced in Seiko’s Daini factory between 1969 and 1971 for the Japanese domestic market.  Seiko didn’t make its 5126 movement long – from roughly 1967 through 1971 – and it is not seen often in the wild.  The 5126 had rather little to do with Seiko’s other powertrains, and it almost appeared Seiko was seeking to foster the difference between the 5126 and its other movements, as the 5126 appeared more in the Swiss style of watchmaking.  This calibre has more in common with the Swiss method of using reverser wheels to convert the rotors movement into winding the mainspring.  


The 5126 was known as a reliable caliber with commendable timekeeping abilities, but its notable weakness was its date change mechanism, which is plastic and known for breakage (that said, the one on the 5126 here works well).  As the 5126’s were not made long, finding a donor is a bit trickier than for other models such as the 6106 or 6119.


As you can see from the pictures, the 5126 here was part of Seiko's “Sports” range, which meant it had its water resistance upped to 70m depth.  “Seiko 5” has in recent times become a symbol of lower range value, but when the “5” designation was introduced in the 1960’s, it was a symbol of Seiko’s rugged and dependable watches meant to represent five different selling points,  namely automatic winding, day and date displayed in a single window, water resistance, a recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position, and a durable case and bracelet.


Now – onto some background on The Watch Steward, from their mouths directly:  The Watch Steward strap was born in 2017 while perusing an Army Navy surplus store on vacation along the Alabama Gulf Coast. I came across a partial roll of surplus military elastic that smelled like an old gym sock, but had a distressed look that spoke to me! I happened to be wearing my Seiko 6105-8110 from July 1975 that day and much to my chagrin this material was nearly a spot on 19mm match. Needless to say, I spent the remaining days of my vacation choking back that old gym sock smell and trying to figure out how to mate this strap to my watch. After a little testing, I settled on a design that allowed the strap to wrap around my arm while allowing the watch itself to sit directly on my wrist. It was at this moment that I discovered how comfortable this design was with large watches like the current, and vintage, Seiko divers! The hunt was on for a 22mm version!  My initial inquiries about USA manufacture were unproductive. So I tuned my attention overseas. However, after many months negotiating  and hundreds of dollars spent shipping samples back and forth, I decided that USA production was my only option. Many, many phone calls, emails, and rejections later, I finally found manufacturers that were willing to put my ideas and designs into production and we are very proud to say that The Watch Steward straps are MADE IN THE USA!


DIAL: Original Seiko-signed silver dial, with original hour, minute, and seconds hand.


CASE: Original 35mm (recessed crown) x 40mm stainless steel case; original “proof”-signed caseback.


CRYSTAL: Domed acrylic crystal, several small scratches.


BAND: One 20mm red, white, and blue Watch Steward strap, along with a second 18mm two-piece nylon strap.   


MOVEMENT: Original Seiko-manufactured 23-jewel 5126 automatic movement, born in October 1967.  The 5126 ticks at 19,800bph and cannot be hand wound, but features a quickset (via pushing in the spring-loaded crown) date; that said, the day cannot be quickset (common with Seiko movements at the time).


CROWN: Original recessed non-signed stainless-steel crown.


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Giveaway ends June 2nd, 2019

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