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March 2020 Giveaway

2003 Seiko 7S26-0050 Automatic Dive Watch,

w/Two Southpaw Leather goods Straps and uchi SKX shirt and print

We figured a lot of the #watchfam is - like us - hanging out with family at home. And bored after two weeks or more of "social distancing!"


So...time for the biggest giveaway we've ever done before! DCVW - along with Uchi and Southpaw Leather Goods - is giving away a Seiko dive watch package, which includes:

1) 2003 Seiko 7S26 automatic dive watch

2) Two Southpaw Leather Goods leather straps

3) Seiko SKX-themed goodies from Uchi, to include an SKX "The Wave" print for framing and a high-quality Seiko shirt

The Watch: There are many vintage Seiko divers popular with collectors, and the legendary 7S26 is one of these.  With good reason, Seiko was able to build a cult following around this movement and its various iterations.  Of significant note - Seiko oddly discontinued these legendary divers in 2018.


The design of this 7S26 is classic and simple, with immediate evidence of those that came before it, namely the instantly recognizable Seiko 7002 automatic, 7548 quartz, and even the famous 6309 diver. Its automatic movement is tough and reliable – during its heyday, it was also popular with various armed forces for this same reason, despite the widely held (false) assumption that military personnel only wear military watches issued to them.


Seiko’s 7S26 is a logical step in its mechanical movement line, which debuted in 1996 to replace the 7002 in Seiko’s popular dive watch line. This 7S26 incorporates quickset day and date displays, and automatic bi-directional winding via Seiko’s patented Magic Lever system. The 7S26 automatic movement is a very reliable workhorse – with a power reserve of approximately 40 hours – and it runs at 21,600 beats per hour.

The Seiko SKX Print and Shirt: If you are an Seiko SKX009 owner (the ‘Pepsi’ bezel version) you will know the relevance of featuring the Hokusai Wave in this design. The engraving on the back of the SKX dive watch is a homage to Hokusai’s Great Wave woodblock print.  This is an unframed, high quality, signed and titled art print, printed onto a lovely 300 gram matt paper.

The Seiko SKX Day Date Wheel Watch shirt based on the Seiko SKX diver's watch.  As with many watch day date wheels, the SKX has various versions – choose between the International Day Date Wheel with days in English and French, the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Day Date Wheel which has the days of the week in English and Japanese typically for watches intended for the Japanese domestic market (JDM) or the Arabic Day Date Wheel version with Arabic and English days of the week.

The Straps: Two high-quality hand made leather straps, one navy blue with red accent stitching, the other black with white.  Both straps comes with high-grade stainless steel brushed hardware - nothing but quality here!

More on Uchi: "Growing up immersed in Hip hop culture, I’ve always believed that Hip Hop is more than the usual depiction of rap music, dance and graffiti, etc. I wanted to create a brand that showed an intelligent and deeper understanding of the culture, and so, began uchi clothing.  Originally it was to be called “house” clothing. But, after working as a typesetter of Japanese text, it was changed to “uchi”, after the Japanese name for home and family. The Japanese word “uchi (うち/ 家 )“, has a much deeper and cultural meaning, and represents a more universal concept of ‘where someone belongs to‘. It was exactly how I saw Hip Hop and so it was a perfect fit for the brand!

Uchi tees and hoodies are screen printed by hand by professional garment printers. We also utilise the latest direct to garmnet printing and eco friendly inks to produce our full colour range of T shirts.  We love screen printing, so we hand screen print our own limited edition prints ourselves. The screen printing process is as much a part of the art form as the finished result.  The believe the skills and dedication to master crafts and disciplines, and to be true and authentic when delivered, is a huge part of Hip Hop culture. This essence of Hip hop is why we do what we do, and how it is expressed."

Uchi can be found @


More on Southpaw Leather Goods:  Southpaw Leather Goods is a maker of fine leather watch straps and wallets based out of central Iowa. Using only the highest quality leathers, Andrew creates each unique piece entirely by hand using traditional leather working techniques.  SLG specializes in custom straps, using a few measurements from you and your watch to create a finished strap completely custom to you and your watch.


You can find Andrew on Instagram @southpawleathergoods or via email at


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That's it!

Giveaway ends April 5th, 2020

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