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October 2020 Giveaway

1974 Seiko 7005-8027 Automatic Watch,

w/The Curated Wrist BOR Bracelet

Most of us are, like us, either working from home, sitting at home, staring wistfully at watches online, or home. 


So we decided to throw another vintage watch giveaway, this time teaming up again with the outstanding watch bracelet company, The Curated Wrist. 


This giveaway will include:

   1) 1974 Seiko 70059-8027 automatic watch

   2) The Curated Wrist beads of rice (BOR) stainless-steel bracelet

The Watch:  More evidence the 1960’s and 1970’s were a golden era for Seiko is evident in its long-running 700x line, such as the one DCVW is giving away here, an all original 7005-8027.  The dial on this 7005 variant is a deep gray, almost black, "sunburst" dial - a sight to behold in person.  The 700x line debuted in 1969 and was produced until the 1990’s, when it was replaced by Seiko’s famed 7S26 line. 


The 700x line here was a mid-range offering, which featured Seiko’s Magic Lever winding system, and allowed the automatic rotor to gather energy in a bi-directional fashion.  The 700x line came in several sub-variants, which included the 7009 here, as well as the 7002, 7005, and 7006, all of which were almost identical and shared numerous parts in common (which also makes watch servicing cheaper).  The 7005 was date only, the 7009 a day/date, and the 7002A date only and with a different auto winding weight.  


When comparing the 7S26 to the 700x, the lineage is more than a bit obvious.  That said, there remains a lot in favor of the 7009, as the calendar mechanism of the 7005/9 was superior in design and construction and the overall quality of finish on the 7S26 is substantially lower than its predecessors.

The Bracelet: This is the Curated Wrist's vintage-inspired version of the timeless beads of rice bracelet design - it is crafted to imitate the look and feel of the vintage BOR, with fixed ends, beautiful central beads, rivets, and a rattly "feel" and clasp.  The clasp itself is thin (some have called it "tinny"), giving this a very old-school vintage vibe.  It nonetheless fits securely, and is gorgeous on the wrist. 

More on The Curated Wrist: "The Curated Wrist is focused on value — making affordable versions of classic, vintage-inspired high end watch accessories that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.  With Curated Wrist straps and bracelets, one mustn’t wrestle with selecting just one beautiful accessory for a timepiece - we make it possible to obtain a wide range of looks for your watch without breaking the bank...Our foundation was "good value," and we're taking that to new places.  We've designed and released several premium, but affordable watch accessories that serve well as a staple in any collection.  Keep an eye out for new products - we've got a lot in the works!"

The Curated Wrist can be found @ and at @curatedwrist on Instagram


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That's it!

Giveaway ends Sunday October 25th, 2020

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