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November 2018 Giveaway

Seiko 7009-8140 Automatic Watch, w/Two NATO Straps

DC Vintage Watches is pleased to offer, for our November 2018 giveaway, a mid-1988 Seiko automatic watch, with two NATO straps. 


The 7009A automatic movement was one of Seiko’s most produced Japanese movements, long used in their legendary “Seiko 5”, until it was replaced in the late 1980’s by its successor, the 7S26 calibre.


The 7000 series of movements – to include the 7005 and 7009 movements – are known for being among the first mass produced movements to experiment successfully with replacing some metal parts in the movement with lighter and cheaper plastic – but make no mistake about it, these are tough little movements!


Seiko first introduced their “5” series with the Seiko Sportsmatic in 1963.  Per Seiko, its 5 series was created to be a watch whose performance would serve the demanding needs of the then 1960s generation – the watches had to have five key attributes:


Automatic winding;

Day/date displayed in a single window;

Water resistance;

Recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position;

Durable case and bracelet.


The final challenge, again per Seiko, for the 5 series was to create a distinctive look that defined the needs of watch buyers and defined the brand.  Owing to Seiko’s extraordinary “Magic 5,” the winding efficiency of the Seiko 5 is rather high, rendering the use of the crown rare.  Hence the recessed crown, hidden under the lip of the case at 4 o’clock, giving the Seiko 5 its signature look. 


DIAL: Black original Seiko 5-signed dial, day/date at 3 o’clock position works nicely, with Arabic and English day variants.  Of note, the day on this 7009 is changed by turning the crown in the second position; however, the weekday is changed by pressing the crown in position one


CASE: Original 38mm (crown is recessed) x 42.5mm stainless steel case.  


CRYSTAL: Original crystal, no scratches or scuffs.


BAND: Two new 18mm NATO straps.


MOVEMENT: Original Seiko 17-jewel 7009A automatic movement, which runs at 21,600 BPH, manufactured in June 1988.  


CROWN: Original recessed unsigned stainless-steel crown.


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Giveaway ends November 18th, 2018

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