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DCVW & Clockwork Synergy November Giveaway 

1970 Seiko 7005-8042-P Automatic


DC Vintage Watches and Clockwork Synergy present a 1970 Seiko 7005-8042-P automatic watch, presented with four Clockwork Synergy straps.  The 700x series was a family of mid-range Seiko mechanical watches produced from the 1970’s into the 1990’s; the movement was also the basis for the ever popular family of Seiko 7S26 dive watches, with the 7005 offspring remaining in production to this day.


Importantly, the early 7005 models – like the one on offer here – did not contain the stamped steel and plastic parts later generations featured; although possessing the typical Seiko robustness, these later generations suffer from accuracy issues.  However, all feature Seiko’s bi-directional “Magic Lever” automatic winding system, which operates at 21,600 BPH.


Movements designed by Seiko have a ruggedness and reliability that is well-known, as its designs have been proven over past decades in various forms to great fame.  Seiko was founded in 1881, when Kintari Hattori’s vision led him to open a watch shop in Tokyo, Japan.  Fast forward to eleven years later, in 1892, which witnessed Hattori began to produce clocks under the name Seikosha, translated roughly as “House of Exquisite Workmanship.”  As stated in the Hodinkee article, “Ten Vintage Watches That Should Be More Expensive Than They Are, And Why,” “In this list, we’ll take you through ten watches that we think should be selling for more money than they are, and we’ll tell you why…What is there to say about vintage Seiko besides ‘great watches for the money’  If you’re looking for just a nice old watch, any vintage mechanical Seiko will do.”


Seiko’s great designs are part of the rationale of DCVW and Clockwork Synergy continuing to feature Seiko heavily in these giveaways – and the 7005-8042-P featured in August’s giveaway is no exception!


DIAL: Detailed original silver dial, with original hands.  Date at 3 o’clock position works well, as designed.


CASE: 38mm stainless steel case in pre-loved condition, original caseback.


CRYSTAL: Domed crystal, scratch-free.


BAND: Four new Clockwork Synergy straps.


MOVEMENT: Original Seiko 7005A 17-jewel automatic movement, manufactured February 1973.


CROWN: Partially recessed unsigned stainless steel crown.


Giveaway ends November 8th, 2017 - find more information on entering here:

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