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April 2017 Raketa DCVW/Clockwork Synergy Giveaway


Check out our latest favorite watch in the shop, a unique Raketa, and enter to win this piece at the end of the post!


During the late 1980s, Russian fashion exploded with popularity in Italy.  This time period boosted growth for Russia’s oldest factory, St. Petersburg-based Petrodvorets Watch Factory, which started to manufacture watches in 1961 for the Red Army, the Soviet Navy, as well as for civilians.  Named in honor of the first human in space, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagaruin, the Raketa (rocket in Russian) timepiece was created. By the 1980’s, Petrodvorets Watch Factory ended up producing over 4.5 million watches each year.


One of these models was the popular Raketa “Wind Rose,” “Azimuth,” or “Compass” (Raketa didn’t name its models, and all these names were given by Raketa enthusiasts).  Its bigger brother featured a second crown, which allowed the wearer to rotate the inner bezel to use the watch as a compass; however, this Wind Rose is the slightly simpler version and does not have this feature.


Raketa’s mechanical watches produced in Petrodvorets were exported to many Eastern Bloc and communist countries and were considered one of the most durable and reliable movements there, the Ak-47 of watches at the time, if you will.


DIAL:  Red, silver, and blue dial with minute, hour, and second hands, signed “Paketa,” with a red and blue compass.  Iconic and retro “Made in the USSR,” in Russian, on the signed dial.

CASE:  36mm x 38.5mm barrel-shaped stainless steel case in pre-loved condition; matching stainless steel caseback. 

CRYSTAL: Ddomed plexiglas crystal.

STRAP: Three matching Clockwork Synergy straps.

MOVEMENT:  Raketa 19 jewel 2609.NP manual mechanical movement; this Wind Rose beats at a frequency of 18,000 bph.

CROWN: Stainless steel unsigned crown.



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