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          DCVW & Clockwork Synergy September 2017 Giveaway


DC Vintage Watches and Clockwork Synergy are pleased to offer, for our September giveaway, a wonderfully simplistic vintage East German Ruhla Sports mechanical watch.  We are including 5 Clockwork Synergy straps from our Dapper, 2-Piece Perlon, 2-Piece RAF NATOs, and Classic NATO lines - these include a bonus band of your choice from our latest Cordura® Collection!


With the end of the World War II and the Soviet liberation of eastern Europe, Allied Forces took administrative control of Germany.  In Eastern Germany, Soviet forces remained and started to rebuild the economy and manufacturing; manufacturing plants and industries came under the control of the Soviet administration, to include the former clock and engine works of brothers Thiel GmbH Ruhla.


In 1952, the enterprise was transferred to the new East German State and became the VEB Clock and Engine works Ruhla.  Ruhla developed clocks and instruments throughout the 1950s and 1960s; however, complicated watch parts proved difficult to manufacture, which meant sourcing these components from the west – and also economic and political difficulties.


Around 60% of production at Ruhla was exported to western countries and Asia. In West Germany, Ruhla watches were sold through department stores and catalog companies.  During its lifetime, Ruhla manufactured many hundreds of millions of clock movements of different calibers.


Following the re-unification of Germany, many Soviet-era companies were broken up, resulting in numerous different enterprises.  Ruhla was converted to a limited company (GmbH) and many staff were laid off or put on temporary contracts – by 1991, the factory had ceased production.


DIAL:  Original dial, with bright pops of red, which provide a great contrast to the overall appearance of the watch dial.  Original hands.


CASE: Original 41mm x 36mm stainless steel plated case.  Matching original signed snap-on caseback. 


CRYSTAL: Original flawless domed crystal.


BAND: Five new Clockwork Synergy straps.


MOVEMENT: Original Ruhla Calibre 24-33 anti-magnetic manual-wind movement.


CROWN: Original unsigned stainless steel crown.



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1. Follow both Clockwork Synergy and DC Vintage Watches

2. Find the above image on either account & either leave a like or reshare!

3. Tag at least 3 friends in the comment section of the giveaway image who love vintage watches too!  (For every friend you tag, you will earn an additional entry into the drawing!)


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