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May 2017 Giveaway - 1960s LeGant Automatic Watch


In this month’s giveaway, DCVW and Clockwork Synergy offer a 1960s LeGant automatic watch, with three Clockwork Synergy straps.  Check out this lookbook, and enter at the end of this post!


LeGant was a Swiss company that made watches for the large American department store, Montgomery Ward, under contract, for sale in their chain.  They featured Swiss movements, cased and finished in France (hence the LeGant name). The Le Gant name was sold to Seiko in the early 1990’s and watches from that era specify “Japan Mov’t” on them. Production was subsequently ceased shortly thereafter.


As noted, some LeGant watches featured Seiko 3302A movements – branded as “Hamazawa,” aka Hattori (or Seiko), but also movements from Stellaris (sold in another American department store, Sears, as well as Westclox).  The Hamazawa name preceded the use of the well-known Seiko name, Hattori, which were made for these LeGant watches under retail contract.


Some LeGant models, such as the ‘QS’ were early “electric” watches, not to be confused with “electronic” watches.  These electric watches were an evolutionary step between the previous mechanical watches and the modern quartz electronic watches of today.  The electric movements utilized a balance wheel mechanism for timekeeping, as do mechanical watches, both vintage and modern. 


However, the main difference was that these were powered by battery (rather than the coiled mainspring to store power, as done in mechanical movements).  This hybrid electro-mechanical movement helped to overcome problematic short battery life in the first electric watches. 


DIAL: Brilliant LeGant gold dial, with a nice gold inner bezel ring that provides depth to the overall appearance of the watch dial.  


CASE: Original 37mm x 40mm case in pre-loved condition.  Matching original signed snap-on caseback. 


CRYSTAL: Original domed crystal, small crack at six o’clock position.


BAND: Three new Clockwork Synergy bands, pictured.


MOVEMENT: Original 17-jewel LeGant/Montgomery Ward UT-38 Calibre 518 automatic movement.


CROWN: Original unsigned gold crown.













































































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1.  Follow both Clockwork Synergy and DC Vintage Watches.


2.  Find the image of this watch on either social media accounts , and leave a comment about this timepiece on the LeGant image


3.  Tag at least 3 friends (after that, each extra friend you tag is an additional entry into the drawing for you!)

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