Seiko built its early watches – like this gold and silver Cronos here – with the intention of improving accuracy, productivity, and ease of maintenance in its watches.  These mechanical watches, like the Cronos here, featured movements designed “fully in-house from scratch” by Seiko – ie: not influenced by other watch movements made in Switzerland or elsewhere.

The technology cultivated during the development of the Seiko Marvel – the predecessor of the Cronos – became the base for the introduction of later mechanical watches, to also include the Seiko Crown and Seiko Gyro Marvel, which were to overwhelm the market with their further improved accuracy and advanced features.


Although there was a trend in watch design at the time to increase the outside diameter of movements to make time easy to read, the Cronos followed in the footsteps of the Seiko Marvel in a move toward larger watch cases.

Seiko's early watches lived up to its name and helped earn Japanese timepieces a reputation for excellence that resounded all over the world, including as far as Switzerland, and were far superior to that of its predecessors and other Japanese watches of that era.

This Seiko Cronos mechanical watch comes with leather strap, nylon NATO strap, and Pelican travel case.

1950's Seiko Cronos J15010 Mechanical Watch

  • DIAL: Brilliant champagne dial with gold hands, slight patina evident on dial.  Dial is signed in detailed cursive script, with gold hour markers.


    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 36.5mm (38mm w/crown) x 44mm, with matching caseback.  Similar to other Seiko dress watches of the era, the case is a rather slim, at a mere 9mm.


    CRYSTAL: Domed acrylic crystal, no imperfections.


    BAND: This Cronos comes with an 18mm brown leather strap, with cream-colored accent stitching, a nice match to the dial, and with gold hardware.  It also comes with a dark blue, white, and orange nylon NATO Strap, with stainless-steel hardware.


    MOVEMENT: Seiko 21-jewel manual movement.


    CROWN: Unsigned stainless-steel crown.