Seiko’s 6206 – like this full-serviced late 1964 Seikomatic 6206-8990 here - was the offspring of Seiko’s 33-jewel 400 calibre movement, produced between 1963 through early 1967, and the 6206 went on to be one of the best-known Seiko movements, cased in numerous Seiko designs of the 1960s – to include the famed Seiko 6218 Weekdater. 


Seiko produced amazing designs under the Seikomatic brand, simple in form and function.  Seikomatic’s provided the foundation for a range of elegant, stylish watches spanning consumers to more luxurious end of the market.  The Seikomatic’s featured waterproof cases, calendar complications, and of course, and automatic movements with Seiko’s famed Magic Lever mechanism.


The 6206 was produced in both A and B variants, with the latter introduced in mid-1965, which appeared to have resulted in better day wheel efficiency.  Seiko released a number of Seikomatics, which spawned the impressive first automatic chronometer Grand Seiko’s – all used variants of the 6206 series of movements.


Later versions dropped the “Weekdater” logo of earlier iterations, and in a similar fashion versions of this watch that earlier had the famous “dolphin” logo and snapback case design were dropped for the plain Seiko circle logo and screwdown caseback of the late 1960’s.  Alas, Seiko’s well-known etched dolphin caseback was quite prone to wear, which usually resulted in nothing remaining of the dolphin design but the serial number.

This 6206 Weekdater comes with a leather strap, NATO strap, Pelican travel case, and springbar tool.

1964 Seiko 6206-8990 Weekdater Automatic Watch

  • DIAL: Original silver Seiko-signed dial, with original dauphin minute, hour, and second hands.  Day/date at 6 o’clock and 3 o'clock positions, respectively, work as designed.


    CASE: Original 37mm x 43.5mm stainless steel case, with original caseback.  Although serial is clearly etched, the Seiko dolphin signature and model information are only faintly visable.


    CRYSTAL: Domed crystal, scratch-free.


    BAND: Light brown leather strap, with accent stitching and stainless steel hardware – a great compliment to the inherent 1960’s-era vintage nature of this Seiko 6206.  This Seikomatic also comes with a dark blue, white, and green nylon NATO strap.


    MOVEMENT: Original Seiko 26-jewel 6206A automatic movement, manufactured in December 1964.  This watch and its movement have been fully serviced.


    CROWN: Completely recessed and unsigned stainless steel crown.

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