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The automatic movement within the 5606 Lord-Matic - like the full-serviced 1973 Seiko 5606-7000 here, on its original stainless-steel LM-signed bracelet - was considered by Seiko to be such an excellent movement it would be subsequently re-worked and placed within Seiko's legendary (and quite accurate) Grand Seiko’s.


The Lord Matic finds its genesis in the Lord Marvel (first made in 1956), with the LM series eventually positioned beneath the King Seiko, but with a very sophisticated new automatic movement and high quality case design and finishing.


By 1968, the LM line had greatly increased in popularity and its movement, the 5606, became one of the most ubiquitous Seiko mechanical movements of the time - the 5606 also formed the basis of higher beat variants fitted to many of the automatic King Seiko and Grand Seiko models of the early to mid 1970’s.


Seiko’s Lord Matic’s were produced at the middle of their lineup, price wise, between 1968 and produced through the 1970’s. Of unique note, not only does the Lord Matic 5606 have a hacking feature, it can be wound via both its automatic movement and by hand. As with all 560x automatic movements, care must be taken not to change the day/date between 9 and 3 o'clock positions, as gear damage may result.


This Seiko 5606 comes on its original stainless-steel bracelet, and with nylon strap, springbar tool, and rugged travel case.

1973 Seiko 5606-7000 Lord Matic Automatic

  • DIAL: Seiko LM-signed starburst silver dial, English and Kanji Japanese day/date at 3 o’clock position are intact and functioning as designed; both day and date quick sets work as designed.  Matching hour, minute, and second hands.


    CASE: Stainless-steel razor-sharp mono-bloc case measures 35mm x 41.5mm - thin at a mere 10mm in thickness - with the 5606's automatic movement accessed via the front of this one piece case.  Caselines remain sharp, with no evidence of machine polish.


    CRYSTAL: Original acrylic crystal, no deep scratches or cracks.


    BAND: This LM comes on its original LM-signed stainless-steel bracelet, which will fit up to an approx. 7.75 inch wrist; it also comes with a blue, red, and white nylon strap.


    MOVEMENT: Seiko 23-jewel automatic movement, manufactured in April 1973.  Day and date quick set functions work as designed.  We have performed a full service on this LM.


    CROWN: Unsigned stainless-steel crown.

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