In 1966, Seiko introduced their most expensive addition to their already diverse line watch line, the Bell-Matic, more expensive than Seiko’s previous models due to a newly-implemented complication – the novel and unique added mechanical alarm.  This mid-1969 Seiko 4005-7000 Bell-Matic is no exception to this novelty.

The Seiko Bell-Matic was produced from late 1966 to 1978, and mostly featured the 4006 automatic movements with 17, 21 or 27 jewels and while most featured the day and date there were a few models that featured the date only, which used the 4005 movement like the watch for sale here, and were only manufactured before 1970 - these are accordingly seldom seen.  The most outstanding feature on these watches is the mechanical hand-wind alarm.  The alarm is wound and set using the crown and engaged using the alarm button.  In addition to these functions the crown also serves to set the time and the alarm button can quick-set the date.

INSTRUCTIONS: To use the alarm, pull the crown out to the first position and rotate counter clockwise until the red marker is pointing towards the time you want it to go off.  Press the crown in, manually wind, then pull the button at the 2 o’clock position.  When the hour hand points to the time, a little bell rings, much like an old fashioned alarm clock.  Separately, to set the date, depress the same 2 o’clock button in (much like on the Seiko 6139 helmet) repeatedly until the correct date is reached.  Finally, to set the day, pull the crown to the second position and turn the hands to the 1 o’clock position; reverse hands counter clockwise to 9:30 pm and then turn clockwise to 1 am once again – the day will advance, repeat until desired day of the week is reached.


This 1969 Bell Matic 4005 comes with a leather rally strap, nylon NATO strap, springbar tool, and hard plastic travel case.

1969 Seiko Bell Matic 4005-7000 Alarm Automatic

  • DIAL: Deep blue Seiko-signed dial, akin to the spectacular ones used on the 6139-6010 series.  Date at 3 o’clock position works nicely.  Matching hour, minute, and second hands.  Inner alarm setting ring rotates as designed.


    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 38.5mm (40mm w/crown) x 42mm.


    CRYSTAL: Domed crystal, scratch-free. 


    BAND: Light brown leather rally strap, with cream-colored stitching and stainless-steel hardware.  This Bell Matic also comes with a dark blue and orange nylon NATO strap, also with stainless steel hardware.


    MOVEMENT: Seiko 4005 automatic movement, manufactured in May 1969.  Alarm functions well, as designed.


    CROWN: Unsigned stainless steel crown.