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One of the seldom seen Seiko chronographs of this era, this 1971 Seiko 7017-8000 Pulsimeter SpeedTimer automatic chronograph - with its original instructions - features a flyback chronograph, which allows the user to reset the chrono function without resetting the time completely.  The flyback feature is similar to that found on Citizen’s 8110 bullheads, but rarely seen on Seiko watches.


In early 1969, Seiko’s Suwa division would release the world's first automatic chronograph, it's famous Ref. 6139.  Yet only a year later, Suwa's sibling division, Daini, would respond with it's own autoamtic chronograph iteration in the form of the 7017.  The Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)-only 7017 is more compact that the 6139, and comes in a slightly smaller package, with the addition of the afore-mentioned flyback function.


Another unique feature on the 7017 series was its quite svelte height of only 5.9mm, and it was only in the late years of the 1970s that this record slimmnesswas bested.  The 7017 – similar to the 7015, but with key distinctions – was a JDM variant only, and wasn’t exported outside of Japan; it also wasn’t made for more than a handful of years in the early 1970’s.


Seiko placed their movements into multiple highly unique cases, leading to a plethora of out of the ordinary shapes and sizes, not to mention allowing them the ability to stand out on the wrist.  This less common SpeedTimer is no exception, with its unique "Pulsimeter Base" font in vibrant red, counts itself among them.


This Seiko 7017 comes on a stainless-steel bracelet, and with a nylon strap, springbar tool, and rugged travel case.

1971 Seiko 7017-8000 Pulsimeter SpeedTimer JDM Chronograph

  • DIAL: Pulsimeter and SpeedTimer-signed dark blue dial, with matching minute, hour, and chronograph hands – lume shines.  Day/date, with Japanese Kanji/English variants, at 3 o’clock position works nicely.   The lume on the dial and hands features a hint of uniform patina, and the vibrant red font contrasts nicely with the dark blue dial - Seiko designers did their homework on this one.


    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 40mm (recessed crown) x 43mm, with matching caseback.


    CRYSTAL: Slightly domed crystal, scratch-free.


    BAND: This SpeedTimer comes on a very 1970s vintage generic stainless-steel bracelet, which will fit up to an approx. 7.5 inch wrist; this 7017 also comes with a grey nylon strap.


    MOVEMENT: Seiko 21-jewel calibre 7017A automatic movement, manufactured in the December 1971.


    CROWN: Recessed and unsigned stainless-steel crown.


    CHRONOGRAPH PUSHERS: Chronograph pushers depress with satisfying click, no stick.  Large orange chronograph hand resets to .5 seconds.


    Of note, this 7017 Pulsimeter comes with its Seiko Sports SpeedTimer instructions.


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