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1969 was one of the most spectacular years in Seiko’s storied history.  That year, it released the world’s first automatic chronograph, the Calibre 6139 and, separately, the V.F.A. (Very Fine Adjusted) movement – which delivered Seiko’s highest yet level of precision for a mechanical movement.


But Seiko wasn’t finished – it would also release another first upon the world, the first quartz wristwatch.  The Seiko Quartz Astron went on to change the way the world told time, and severely tested the dominance of the Swiss, bringing high technology within the reach of all.


As the world got accustomed to the novel new Astron technology dominating the market in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Seiko was hard at work on its next innovation to challenge Swiss watch industry dominance, developing the Superior, Grand Quartz, King Quartz lines, and years later additional handsome progenies from these lines – like this 1978 Seiko 7123-8060 SilverWave “Royal Oak” sport diver watch.


Following Seiko’s 1975 introduction of its Grand and King Quartz lines, Seiko simply reigned supreme – the combination of innovative technology and Tanaka’s “Grammar of Design“ lines overwhelmed anything the Swiss had on offer.  And the Swiss quite literally paid the price for this in global market share loss.


Seiko debuted it’s now difficult to find 7123 SilverWave in 1978, and its design cues rather strongly suggest design legend, Gerald Genta, with its textured dial and atypical eight-sided bezel.  Genta was a brilliant designer of watches, and had previously designed the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, and multiple Omega models.


And guess what? This Seiko is far less expensive than any Genta watch.


This Seiko SilverWave “Royal Oak” comes on a brown leather strap, and with a nylon strap, rugged travel case, and springbar tool.

1978 Seiko 7123-8060 SilverWave "Royal Oak" Sport Diver

  • DIAL: Textured Seiko SilverWave-signed dial, with correct handset; date and day – English/and Kanji Japanese language variants – operate as designed.

    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 39mm x 43.5mm. w/sharp edges; caseback features an atypical eight-sided bezel.  Also unusual, the caseback lacks the usual Seiko tsunami wave, but features instead a stylized wave version (the same as seen on rubber Seiko 6306/9 GL831 straps).

    CRYSTAL: Correct crystal is scratch and blemish-free.

    BAND: This Seiko SilverWave comes on a light brown leather strap, and with black, red, and grey nylon strap.

    MOVEMENT: Two-jewel Seiko 7123 quartz movement, manufactured in October 1978; movement hacks, as designed.  We have performed a full service on this SilverWave.

    CROWN: Correct stainless-steel screw-down crown.

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