Seiko’s iconic A239 World Timer – like the 1979 example here, with its original bracelet and original box – is a great example of how a dual-layer LCD can give a watch so much more functionality at the press of a button.


The A239 was the first watch ever produced with a dual-layer LCD screen, with two LCD panels on top of one another, which it uses to show a world map.  Switching between the two has the effect of completely changing the display; the first panel shows normal time and date, and the second has a world map wherein different time zones can be selected.


World Time watches, even Seiko’s own M158 (Pan Am) and A708, usually relied on having a small marker (like the size of the day indicator on many LCD watches) appear at various points around the display to indicate the time in a particular city/country/zone.  The A239 went one better by putting a world map on a separate LCD, split into sections which lined up with the country or time zone being indicated. It offered the option for a daily alarm, as well as a separate world time alarm.  While it was copied/pirated and became the World Time Melody Alarm watch for low-cost distributors Armitron, Caravelle, Zeon and others its popularity never waned.


This A239 comes with its original stainless-steel bracelet and box, nylon NATO strap, Pelican travel case, and springbar tool – a manual for the A239 and full details of functions can be found at

1979 Seiko A239-502A World, Time Quartz Alarm Chronograph, w/Original Box

  • DIAL: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) digital display, with all LCD portions functioning as designed.


    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 34mm (35mm w/crown) x 40mm, with several small indentations on the right side.


    CRYSTAL: Correct crystal, with one small imperceptible surface scratch on right side (not deep).


    BAND: This Seiko comes with its original Seiko-signed stainless-steel bracelet, which will fit up to an eight-ish wrist.  The bracelet instruction sticker is still partially present!  This World TIme watch also comes with a nylon NATO strap, with stainless-steel hardware.


    MOVEMENT: A239 quartz World Time movement, manufactured in November 1979. Most features - alarm, stopwatch, day & date, world time zones, etc, but sans light – work as designed.


    CROWN:  Correct unsigned pushers.