Heuer has now become a household name - albeit under different ownership than founded it, namely TAG Heuer, which took over in the mid-1980s.  But the watch for sale here, an early mid-size 1980’s Heuer 980.015 quartz diver, is not a TAG, which in the years since the mid-1980s has had some...questionable design choices. 


The Heuer diver for sale here represents old-school Heuer design, even if it comes in a smaller, mid-size package.  Early 1980's Heuer divers are not common in any condition, and for good reason - they represent a bygone era for Heuer.

At 32mm (excluding crown), the 980.015 is a relatively smaller dive watch, but not the smallest in the range (this honor belongs to the 28mm 980.025 version in the Heuer brochure picture).

This Heuer comes with black and red perlon straps, spring bar tool, and Pelican travel case.

1980's Heuer 980.015 Mid-Sized Diver

  • DIAL: Original dial and "church" hands; date at 3 o’clock position functions as designed. Dial lume - including bezel pip - glows.


    BEZEL: Unidirectional bezel, with original nicely "ghosted" bezel insert, ratchets w/a satisfying click. Inlaid “pip” remains on bezel insert.


    CASE: Original Heuer mid-size 32mm (w/o crown, 36.5mm with) x 40mm stainless-steel case in pre-loved condition; matching original signed caseback.


    CRYSTAL: Original crystal; please note crystal has several small scratches - we have not replaced the crystal in an attempt to keep this watch fully original.


    BAND: Two perlon straps - one red and one black - both with stainless steel hardware, nice compliments to the bezel insert and dial of this mid-sized diver.


    MOVEMENT: Original Heuer 980 ESA quartz movement.


    CROWN: Original screw-down locking stainless steel crown.