Much like the 1960s and 1970s, Seiko pushed the limits in the 1980s with watches like the H558 “Arnie” analog digital watch and the difficult to find 1980 Seiko G757-4010 digital quartz graphic alarm chronograph example for sale here.  Both had LCD displays, but the G757 line really went all in on the LCD aspect compared to other Seiko examples of the time.


The Japanese referred to these models as “Digiborgs,” and of the G757s, few are more collectible than the difficult to find G757-4010 variant.   Quite close in appearance to the G757-5010, worn by Roger Moore in the James Bond film “Octopussy,” the G757-4010 shares all the same features: a large display with a seconds totaler, day/date, alarm, hourly chime indicator, countdown timer with graphic display, graphic dual time display, and a chronograph (stopwatch).  


Adding any G757 to your line up can is a worthwhile pursuit, especially for those that suffer from nostalgia – namely, all of us.  As an extra piece of nostalgia (as if the Octopussy reference wasn’t enough!), early video gameplay trailers for Metal Gear Solid depicted Venom Snake wearing a G757-4010, per the screengrab here.


As setting the various functions on this G757 is fairly involved, we’ve provided a link to the original manual here:


This Seiko comes with its original Seiko-signed stainless-steel strap, nylon NATO strap, Pelican travel case, and springbar tool.

1980 Seiko G757-4010 Digital Quartz Graphic Alarm Chronograph

  • DIAL: Beautiful original digital display, with all LCD segments working as designed.


    CASE: Original 34.5mm x 38.5mm stainless-steel case.


    CRYSTAL: Original crystal is scratch-free.


    BAND: This Seiko comes with its original tapered stainless-steel Seiko-signed mesh bracelet.  This Seiko also comes with a dark blue, green, and white nylon NATO strap, also with stainless-steel hardware.


    MOVEMENT: Original G757 quartz movement; all functions, including backlight, work well and a fresh battery has been installed.


    CROWN: All four push buttons work as designed.

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