There are many vintage Seiko divers popular with collectors, and the legendary 7S26 – like this original 2000 example here – is one of these. With good reason, Seiko was able to build a tremendous cult following around the SKX - of significant note, Seiko unwisely discontinued these legendary divers in 2018.


The design of this 7S26 is classic and simple, with immediate evidence of those that came before it, namely the instantly recognizable Seiko 7002 automatic, 7548 quartz, and even the famous 6309 diver. Its automatic movement is tough and reliable – during its heyday, it was also popular with various armed forces for this same reason, despite the widely held (false) assumption that military personnel only wear military watches issued to them.


Seiko’s 7S26 is a logical step in its mechanical movement line, which debuted in 1996 to replace the 7002 in Seiko’s popular dive watch line, and incorporates quickset day and date displays, and automatic bi-directional winding via Seiko’s patented Magic Lever system.


The orange dial variant was first released in the mid-1990s as the SKX011K, and was likely targeted at the South East Asian market - Seiko discontinued, for unclear reasons, the SKX011K in favor of its successor, the SKX011J, and like other 7S-calibre Seiko watches with the "J" suffix, the SKX011J was mainly sold in Middle East countries, like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, etc, where the population mainly speaks Arabic.


This Seiko diver comes with a rubber dive strap, velcro strap, Pelican travel case, and springbar tool.  Of note, this orange-dialed diver also comes with a Seiko 7S26 manual.

2000 Seiko 7S26-0020 (SKX011J) Automatic Dive Watch, w/7S26 Manual

  • DIAL: Brilliant original orange dial, Arabic/English variant day and date, and original hands.  Lume remains bright, following exposure to strong light.


    BEZEL: Weathered bezel insert on this SKX is almost certainly original Seiko, albeit from an SKX007 - the SKX011K/J inserts had gold accents, and swapping these was, and remains, a popular mod among Seiko aficionados.  Bezel ratchets counterclockwise as designed with a solid click. 


    CASE: Original 42.5mm (w/o crown, 44.5mm with) x 45mm stainless steel case in great condition.  Matching original signed caseback. 


    CRYSTAL: Flawless hardlex crystal, scratch-free.


    BAND: 22mm velcro NASA-style strap, akin to those used by astronauts over their flight suits, albeit longer.  This orange diver also comes with a rubber dive strap.   These straps are paired with extra secure "fat boy" springbars


    MOVEMENT: Original 21-jewel Seiko 7S26 mechanical automatic movement, manufactured in September 2000.


    CROWN: Original unsigned stainless steel screwed-down crown.

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