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The Clebar brand - French slang for “bad dog" - is a bit of an enigma, a watch company destroyed in the wreckage of the 1970s “Quartz Crisis” initiated by Seiko’s Astron line.  


The Clebar name was first used by Edward Trauner Inc. on September 21st, 1925 and was registered as a trademark in mid-1955, and its main line of products included stopwatches and chronographs - like this Clebar Ref. 672 stopwatch here.  


Trauner was known as the US distributor for Zodiac, Vacheron & Constantin, Leonidas (which would go on to become Heuer) and other watches of note – with Clebar being a sub-brand of Zodiac.  


Even more intriguing, Clebar wasn’t known for manufacturing their watches but rather branded watches from other manufacturers including Heuer.

Clebar hit its stride in the 1960s with several iterations of chronographs.  With the 1964 merger of Leonidas with Ed. Heuer on the Heuer-Leonidas S.A. the Clebar brand would eventually disappear during the next decade.

This Clebar stopwatch comes with its original box.

1960s Clebar Ref. 672 Stopwatch

  • DIAL: Detailed brilliant white Clebar-signed dial, with matching minute and second hands, with separate split-second red minute hand and subdial at the six o'clock position.

    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 55mm x762mm.

    CRYSTAL: Acrylic domed crystal, no scratches or blemishes.

    MOVEMENT: Clebar second-jewel mechanical movement.

    CROWN: Unsigned crown, stopwatch reset pusher at the 2 o’clock position and red split second pusher at the 11 o'clock position both work as designed.