Within the world of vintage Seiko, Grand Seiko – distinguished by the “GS” on dial/crown and gold medallion on its caseback, like on this 1971 GS 6155-8000 here – inhabits the top of the food chain, simple as that.  The 61GS series, which began production in 1967 and ran through 1975, runs at a rather high beat rate, at 36,000 beats per hour. 


Grand Seiko – with 51 different models – were simply the most painstakingly designed and exquisite watches made by Seiko, produced by both the Dani and Suwa factories, including the 61GS line here.  The variant here, the “Special” 61GS, had the unique distinction of all vintage GS calibres, in that it was only used in a single model variant – this one here.  In fact, when this 61GS debuted, only Seiko’s VFA’s were more accurate.


The late 1960s were a turning point in Seiko’s manufacturing capabilities, with the 61GS being the last hand-built movements. Make no mistake, the GS marked, and still marks, the very best Seiko has to offer, easily on par with the vast majority of what Switzerland has to offer by way of competition. 


This Grand Seiko comes with a leather strap, two NATO straps, Pelican travel case, and springbar tool.

Hi-Beat 1971 Grand Seiko 6155-8000 "Special" Automatic Watch

  • DIAL: Brilliant original Grand Seiko and “Special”-signed dial; original hour, minute, and second hands.


    CASE: Original 36mm x 40mm stainless steel case.


    CRYSTAL: Original crystal, in quite amazing condition.


    MOVEMENT: Original hi-beat 6155A automatic movement, produced in April 1971 within Seiko’s Suwa factory; of note, movement hacks.


    CROWN: Original “GS” signed crown.

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