DC Vintage Watches presents for sale a beautiful vintage new-old stock 1970's Wakmann 1/10 second stopwatch.  

You're probably never heard of Wakmann, and we don't blame you. The brand was killed by the emergence of cheap quartz watches in the 1970s. Its stylish watches, housing quality movements, were unable to compete without all the fanfare surrounding those made by higher-end brands.

Per the fantastic site, Work&Wound, as an importer and manufacturer of high quality timepieces, Wakmann Watch Company was founded in New York in 1946, and became known as experts in the world of chronographs and multipurpose timekeeping. At the time, the U.S. had increased duties on imported Swiss watches, which opened the door for Wakmann to partner up with Breitling. Wakmann was the corporate conduit Breitling established trade with to work around the post-WWII trade restrictions imposed to limit a flood of cheap goods crossing the ocean from Europe’s shattered economies.

Wakmann would receive a batch of nearly complete watches from Switzerland, which would then undergo final assembly before being sold under the Wakmann name. Beyond “re-branded” watches, Wakmann also supplied timekeeping devices for the U.S. military, U.S. Government, commercial airlines, and radio/television studios as part of their Breitling relationship. Later the company would be purchased by Breitling and absorbed into the larger and more successful umbrella.

While brands like Wakmann will never compare to the giants that still roam the earth today (Patek, Rolex, Omega, etc.) they offer collectors a glimpse into a time before nearly 1,000 Swiss watch manufactures were wiped from the earth during the Quartz Crisis. Sure, the rare and most sought after watches are out there, but if you’re looking for style with a story, and all at a reasonable price, consider getting a little dirty and digging up a timepiece from an extinct brand like Wakmann.

New-Old Stock 1970's Wakmann 1/10 Second Stopwatch

  • DIAL: Beautiful original white dial. Original minute and second hands.


    CASE: Original 52mm x 65 flawless steel case in pre-loved condition, no scratches.


    CRYSTAL: Original crystal, no scratches.


    MOVEMENT: Original seven-jewel Wakmann/Breitling 1/10 second manual movement.


    CROWN: Original unsigned stainless steel crown; original minute and second hand reset pusher.

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