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March 2021 Giveaway

1960's Wittnauer Automatic Watch, w/Star Dial

DCVW is holding a giveaway to spread awareness of the disturbing increase in violence against the Asian-American community in the U.S. 


Entry rules are simple - re-post the #STOPASIANHATE on your social media for your chance to win this freshly serviced watch. 

That's it

The Watch:  Although Wittnauer's first watch line began in New York in 1880, the Wittnauer brand was formally established in 1885, when Mr. Robert gave the title to Albert Wittnauer under the name the "A. Wittnauer Company."  The company began as a small family business, catering to the ever-growing world of both scientific and private exploration, which gained them a reputation for use by those who needed reliability: navigators, explorers, and astronomers.


In mid-1932, Amelia Earhart made the first female solo flight across the Atlantic equipped with Wittnauer instruments, and Wittnauer products would be widely used in scientific expeditions and exploration, and even made it into the final top three contenders for the first mission to the moon, along with Rloex and of course Omega’s Speedmaster.  This only continued the relationship between Wittnauer and the U.S. government – and during WWII, Wittnauer produced a large production line of compasses, used by soldiers and aviators during combat.  


In 1950 the Swiss company Longines bought Wittnauer and marketed some quite similar lines of watches under both brand names, maintaining separate factories; however, in 1995, Swatch broke the 125-year collaboration between the two when it took over the Longines distribution.  Wittnauer would eventually be bought by Bulova for a paltry $11.6 million in September 2001.

The Strap: Brown leather strap, with cream-colored accent stitching and stainless-steel hardware.



1) Re-post the #STOPASIANHATE graphic on your social media.

Giveaway ends Sunday, March 28th 2021

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