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GQ: As collectors discover the Seiko 7016 ‘Monaco’, prices are climbing – and fast

Let DCVW Source Your Next Vintage Watch

DCVW has decades of experience in the vintage watch business, and with this, the experience and network to find your next vintage acquisition.  Although we specialize in vintage Seiko, Omega, and Heuer, we have experience with a wide variety of vintage watch brands - try us! 

Let us know what you would like us to source for you via email @ and we will comb our network for you, and provide a reasonable price for the vintage watch you're seeking. 

For this service, we ask a non-refundable $100 fee for watches under $1,000, and a $150 deposit for watches over $1,000.  This deposit will be credited to the final purchase price, when we - and we will - find the vintage watch you are seeking. 

​​The watch we source for you will be fully functional, telling good time, and, of course, all original - no fake parts!  That said, "all original" means the watch itself will be original, and not the accompanying bracelet unless stated as such.  If the sourced watch is assessed as requiring a full service when we source it, we will perform this.

Most vintage watches take anywhere from one to three months to source, and sometimes longer (after all, there is a finite supply).  Once we source your watch, we will provide detailed pictures for you to approve - if you don't like it, we continue the search.

Your fee is a good faith measure, as each watch we find involves DCVW spending time and effort to conduct research and searches - usually involving travel - throughout the DC and LA area; if you source the watch on your own, the fee is forfeit.

​Keep in mind sourcing exact month/year birthday watches are separate from this, as these take more time, depending on watch in question - and can take as long as six months to a year to find, if not longer. Due to the unique nature of source requests, we do not offer returns at this time on watches sourced for our customers, except on rare occasions. 

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​Wondering what vintage Seiko was made during your birth year?  Below you will find several articles for the years 1960-1979:

1960-1969: Grand & King Seiko, Goldfeather, SilverWave J12082, Alpinist J13049, 5719, 6217, 6206, Lord Marvel, 6139

1960s: 5717 & 5719 chronograph, 6215 & 6159 divers, 62MAS, 6139 Pogue

1970-1979: King & Grand Seiko, GS VFA, Lord Matic, 6138, 7015, 6105, 6306, 6139, 6119, Bell Matic

Want to dive in and have us source your next watch?  Send us an email with what you're seeking either via our website or at

Two important caveats:

1) For liability reasons, we cannot offer our assessment on the authenticity of watches not sold by us;

2) We source only full watches, and do not source parts - either internal (movements) or external (bezels and bracelets).

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