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Watches for Film & TV Productions

The Rookie Shot.jpg

Looking for that Perfect Period or Contemporary Watch?

Props offer a sense of time, place, mood, style, and atmosphere - and we can provide the perfect watch for your production.  Reach out to us at - we can either rent it from our stock in the shop or find it for your film or TV production.  We also have doubles of some of our stock.

We are conveniently located on both the East and West (Los Angeles) Coasts, and have an established track record finding vintage watches for our customers, to include TV and film actors,  prop masters, and wardrobe.

Our presence on both coasts allows us to immediately answer any questions about our watches for sale or your custom sourcing wishes. 

Email us!

We most recently worked with prop

masters and wardrobe for:

-Amazon Prime's "The Terminal List: Dark Wolf";

-ABC's "The Rookie," Seasons Six and Seven;

-ABC's "The Good Doctor," Seasons Four through Seven;

-NBC's "La Brea," Seasons Two and Three.

ABC's "The Rookie," on the wrist of Sergeant Tim Bradford

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DC Vintage Watches on the set of The Good Doctor

ABC's "The Good Doctor"


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Ronny Chieng Talking Watches

"Daniel Dae Kim put me in touch with his Bruce Lee watch guy - which I can't believe is a job - shout out [DCVW]!"

DC Vintage Watches, Nicholas Gonzalez, and Seiko 6105
DC Vintage Watches, Nicholas Gonzalez, and Seiko 6105

NBC's "La Brea," on the wrist of Levi Delgado

DC Vintage Watches, Will Yun Lee, and Seiko Bruce Lee
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