Watches for Film & TV Productions


Looking for that Perfect Period or Contemporary Watch?

Props offer a sense of time, place, mood, style, and atmosphere - and we can provide the perfect watch for your production.  Reach out to us at - we can either rent it from our stock in the shop or find it for your film or TV production.  We also have doubles of some of our stock.

We are conveniently located on both the East

and West (Los Angeles) Coasts, and have an

established  track record finding vintage watches

for our customers - to include TV and film actors

and prop masters.


Our presence on both coasts allows us to


answer any questions about our watches for

sale or your custom sourcing wishes. 

Email us!

We have most recently worked with prop

masters and wardrobe for:

-ABC's "The Good Doctor," Seasons Four

and Five;

-NBC's "La Brea," Season Two.

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