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Original 1957 Breitling ad for its Navitimer, Unitime, and Chronomat chronograph watches highlighting their well-established links to the world's aircraft pilots, both commercial and military.


"It was the making of complex aircraft dashboard clocks and pilots' watches that inspired Breitling to produce their superb trio: the Navitimer, the Unitime and the Chronomat - the most astounding chronographs of our day. But now Breitling have taken time off from solving the exacting problems of men of the air, to make a watch for men in other walks of life, who nevertheless share the flying men's appreciation of technical excellence. Proudly they present their new self-winding calendar watch dedicated to man's conquest of the skies and to men everywhere who demand nothing less than the best!"


Dimensions: 10.25 inches wide by 14 inches high

1957 Breitling Watch Advert for Navitimer, Chronmat, & Unitimer

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