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Except for the most hard-core vintage Seiko collectors, few have heard of the Seiko 11A “Indicator,” like this full serviced 1958 Seiko Ref. 14060 A1 Indicator automatic dress watch here. 


But the Seiko 14060 is well worth watch collector note – after all, it was Seiko's very first automatic watch (!) and features a quite traditional and nostalgically romantic power reserve indicator design.


Beginning in 1955, Seiko produced the A1 Indicator in multiple gold-plated and steel versions to include Refs. 14009, 14015, 14040, 14043, or the 14060 here, all of which featured a range of automatic movements from 17 to 21-jeweled movements.


The Ref. 14060 here was produced from 1958 through 1959 and featured a hidden crown - take the cursive script on the dial, and it adds up to an even cleaner dress look.  And with its 18mm lug width, the 14060 comes off as much larger and on par with modern dress watches.


Earlier A1 Indicator models feature the Seiko “S” logo high on the dial, interfering with the power reserve design flow – however, the subsequent 14060 didn’t make this mistake.  Instead, Seiko added an elegant “Seiko Automatic” cursive signature, rendering the design one of the oldest power reserve indicator complications out there, replete with the classic hand pointing to the actual power reserve remaining within the 21-jewel automatic movement.


While some may find a power reserve indicator a self-centered complication, when integrated within the design of an automatic watch like the one here it’s a rather vivid and nostalgic addition.  Watch complications like the date or moon phase are super cool and all, but the power reserve complication is unmistakably connected to the heart of the watch itself – if the power indicator shows no “power,” the watch dies too.


When one examines current Seiko production – and Swiss production, too – there isn’t much with an indicator akin to this (aside from some much higher priced Grand Seiko models) to choose from.  Occupying prime dial real estate under 12 o’clock, the power reserve complication becomes a statement - and the power reserve indicator becomes the ruler of the dial.


This Seiko A1 Indicator comes on a premium Strap Geeks leather strap and with nylon strap, springbar tool, and rugged travel case.

1958 Seiko Ref. 14060 A1 "Indicator" Automatic Dress Watch

  • DIAL: Silver dial, with elegant cursive “Seiko Automatic” signature; applied hour indices and dial have small amounts of patina.  Power indicator works well as designed.


    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 36.5mm x 43.5mm; matching snapback caseback.


    CRYSTAL: Domed acrylic crystal, no deep scratches or blemishes.


    BAND: This 14060 comes on a light brown premium Strap Geeks leather strap; it also comes with a red, black, and white nylon strap.


    MOVEMENT: The 21-jewel Seiko 11A Ref. 14060 automatic is more or less an A. Schild 1382 movement, which can be found in a multiple other watches with a similar power reserve indicator, to include in scarce Heuer automatics, Rotary, Tradition, Chevron, Hallmark, and Lucien Piccard brands.  This Seiko 11A was manufactured in November 1958.  We have performed a full service on this Seiko Indicator.


    CROWN: The well-designed case features an unsigned stainless-steel crown, which is nearly entirely recessed.

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