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Chronostar may be considered a dreaded “fashion brand” watch now, but it didn’t start like this. Throughout the mid-1900s, the Swiss company made mid-grade watches to appeal to a wide audience, with a no-nonsense design and Swiss 17-jewel mechanical movements.


Chronostar took few chances, design-wise – but it appeared some bought these watches to use as a template for customization, like this atypical full-serviced 1970s Chronostar mechanical embossed with the state insignia of the State of Kuwait.


This particular Chronostar mechanical reflects the company’s aesthetic – a straightforward case design common during the 1970s-era. Intriguingly enough – given the State of Kuwait insignia on the dial – this Chonostar has been further customized, in English cursive script, with “Dad, thanks for everything. Your son, Darren.”


Thanks to Watches of Espionage, Arabic language dials are in vogue of late; however, the Arabic dial Seiko may be too large for some, weighing in at 42mm. It’s also not vintage. But the 1970s Chronostar here is at about the same price point, a reasonable 36mm-ish in size, and – importantly – vintage! Not to mention the unique aspect of the Arab State of Kuwait insignia on the dial, which is what originally drew us to the watch.


The Chronostar company was bought out by the Italian Morellato Group in 2006 – as the largest Italian jewelry and watch group, Morellato was founded in 1930 by Giulio Morellato to specialize in leather wristwatch strap manufacture for Swiss manufactures. It grew rapidly thereafter.


Alas, following the 2006 purchase Morellato transformed Chronostar into a fashion watch line that favors inexpensive quartz movements and cheap cases. However, it appears to have been good for Morellato – following the 2008 global financial crisis and before the pandemic, the Italian company reported $23 million in profit on sales of $250 million.


This Chronostar mechanical comes on a vintage stainless-steel bracelet, and with nylon strap, rugged travel case, and spring bar tool.

1970s Chronostar State of Kuwait Mechanical

Out of Stock
  • DIAL: Silver Chronostar-signed starburst dial, with black matching hour, minute, and seconds handset.  Atypical  دَوْلَة ٱلْكُوَيْت (State of Kuwait) insignia and Kuwait shield in green - the color of Islam - on dial.


    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 35.5mm (37mm including crown) x 40mm.


    CRYSTAL: Domed acrylic crystal, scratch-free.


    BAND: Unsigned vintage Bear stainless-steel bracelet (a well-known Japanese company), which will fit up to an approx. 7.50-inch wrist with included clasp extender; this Chronostar also comes with a black nylon strap.


    MOVEMENT: Swiss 17-jewel manual-wind mechanical movement. We have performed a full service on this watch.


    CROWN: Unsigned stainless-steel crown.

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