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Original 1972 Datsun advertisement


"After all, when you're talking about a car that's sexy, powerful, economical, agile and impressive as our Z-car, there's only one way to describe it: Wanted."


The Nissan S30, sold in Japan as the Nissan Fairlady Z and in other markets as the Datsun 240Z, then later as the 260Z and 280Z, was a grand tourer auto produced by Nissan (Datsun in USA) from 1969 until 1978 - it was the first car in Nissan's Z series of sports cars.


Aiming to compete directly with established European sports cars, Datsun priced the new 240Z within $200 of the British MGB-GT in the United States, a five-year-old design that showed its age.  The 240Z's styling, engineering, relatively low price, and impressive performance resonated with the public, received a positive response from both buyers and the motoring press, and immediately generated long waiting lists.


Dimensions: 8 inches wide by 10.5 inches high

1972 Datsun 240-Z "Wanted" Advert

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