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Citizen began producing its most highly desirable chronograph - the 8110 Challenge Timer - in 1971, with one of the most sought-after variants being the Ref. 67-9313, nicknamed the “Speedy” for its resemblance to the well-known Omega Speedmaster used by NASA astronauts - like this full serviced Ref. 67-9313 here from 1976, on a generic vintage bracelet. 

The Citizen vertical-clutch column wheel 8110, with its automatic movement beating at a high beat 28,800 bph, featured a ‘fly back’ mechanism – which allows the wearer to zero the chronograph whilst it’s running, rather than having to stop it first, then restart – permitting the instant stop/re-start of the chronograph function.


The compact design of the 8110 movement allowed smaller casing, so it was lighter than, for example, the Seiko 6139 chronograph series (which also did not have a flyback feature) of the period.  The start and stop of the chronograph is by pressing the button positioned at the 11 o’clock position and is reset by pressing the button at 1 o’clock.


Pressing the reset button without first stopping the chronograph enables instant restart from zero. All models have the column wheel/vertical clutch design. These movements have quick setting mechanisms for date and day.  Both are set when the crown is pulled out one click – the date by rotating the crown, the day by pressing the reset button.


The Citizen Ref. 67-9313 flyback Speedy chronograph came in two variations, a white and black-dialed variants.  Compared to modern chronographs, the only in today’s market with similar features and construction sell at a far higher price point – such as Blancpain, Vacheron Constantine, Patek, and Audemars.  The 8110’s are the least expensive, yet most sophisticated chronograph ever made!

This Citizen Speedy comes with a generic vintage stainless-steel bracelet, nylon strap, hard plastic travel case, and spring bar tool.

1977 Citizen 8110 "Speedy" Ref. 67-9313 Automatic Chronograph

Out of Stock
  • DIAL: Citizen-signed black dial, with ever so slight patina, and matching minute, hour, and chronograph hands.  Chronograph hands are correct replacements; lume shines brightly following exposure to strong light.


    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 39mm x 42mm (with crown) with matching stainless-steel caseback.


    CRYSTAL: Scratch and blemish-free correct crystal.


    STRAP: This Citizen Speedy comes on a generic stainless-steel vintage bracelet, which will fit up to an approx. 7.75 inch wrist; it also comes with a nylon strap.


    MOVEMENT: Citizen 23-jewel automatic movement, manufactured in June 1977; the 8110 movement can be wound either manually or automatically.   Separately, the date and day - with Spanish/English calendar variants – rotate and set as designed.  We have performed a full service on this watch.


    CROWN: Citizen-signed crown.


    CHRONOGRAPH PUSHERS: Chronograph pushers depress with satisfying click, no stick.  Hour and minute chronograph hands snap back and reset to zero.

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