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Beginning in 1979, Alba - a sub-brand of Seiko – continues to produce wristwatches utilizing Seiko's own family of movements but paired with modern styling designed to appeal to younger customers.  The watch here – a 1999 Alba Neatnik V507-0B00, on its original bracelet – is no different.


The Neatnik line was released by Alba beginning in 1999 - a Neatnik is someone who is habitually neat and tidy, and the watch was marketed with the tag line "Are you neat?"


The early watches in the Neatnik line are easily identifiable by small dials and aluminum cases – the V507 here is characterized by a deep square case design; the cases are uniquely coated with  hard anodic oxidation coating (HAOC), applied during the manufacturing process.  


Unusually for the Neatnik line, the V507 here features a black anodized case and bracelet, the latter of which has the usual Neatnik bracelet design with aluminum links and a plastic fastener.


Alba watches continue to be primarily aimed at Asian and Middle Eastern markets in the hope of creating long-term customer loyalty, which can translate loyalty to Seiko proper as the demographic ages and purchasing power increases.  Of note, Alba has often adopted Seiko's watch designs, notably those of Italian automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.


This Neatnik V507 comes on its original black stainless-steel bracelet, along with a nylon strap, springbar tool, and rugged travel case.

1999 Alba Neatnik Ref. V507-0B00 Jump Hour, w/Original Bracelet

  • DIAL: Transparent dial, labeled with various international cities.


    CASE: Black square stainless-case measures 35mm (36.5mm w/crown) x 35mm; recessed  crown, with matching caseback.  Black HAOC coating is almost entirely uniform throughout case.


    CRYSTAL: Seiko crystal, no scratches or blemishes.


    BAND: This Neatnik comes on its original black bracelet, which will fir up to an approx. seven inch wrist.  This V507 also comes with a nylon black and red "Ducatti" strap.


    MOVEMENT: Seiko V507 quatz movement.  


    CROWN: Unsigned black stainless-steel crown.

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