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If you are perusing our website, it’s a safe bet you own more than one watch.  And you most likely travel from time to time with several of these watches.


This watch roll comfortably fits up to three watches or several watch straps.  The exterior is made from leather, and inner lining a soft suede, creating a perfect surface for resting your watch while you change straps, or for any other simple task at hand.


The leather used in this strap is incredibly soft and durable, and has a cool roughed up look, which "scars" as it is used.  Simply place your watches or straps into the roll, fold over the top flap, roll from left to right and secure with the attached leather cord.


Pockets measure 70mm (2.75 inches) wide x 145mm (5.8 inches) in length – pockets include three soft leather pieces for insertion between the watch and the bracelet to avoid wear during transport.


When laid flat, watch roll measures 225mm (9 inches) by 275mm (10.8 inches), and when closed, 3 inches (78mm) by 6 inches (154mm)


If you're out to perfect your watch travel roll game, look no further.

Leather Watch Roll

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