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If you are perusing our website, it’s likely you might like watches - it also highly likely you also love vintage Seiko!  And the world's first automatic chronograph, the legendary Seiko 6139! 


Each sticker pack includes the following seven high-quality vinyl stickers:


-a 1969 Seiko 6139-6010 "True Bruce Lee" automatic chronograph with correct Mandarin Chinese day wheel, three inches circular;

-a 1971 Seiko 6139-6002 "True Pogue" automatic chronograph with correct Spanish day wheel, three inches circular;

-Francois Cevert rocking his 1970 Seiko 6139-6009 resist "True Cevert" automatic chronograph in his Formula One racecar, four x three inches;

-a NASA Skylab Mission patch die-cut sticker, three x 2.75 inches triangular;

-a Seiko SpeedTimer sticker, 3.5 x two inches;

-a #FeikoFriday die-cut sticker, 5.5 x two inches

-and a DC Vintage Watches sticker, six x two inches.


Stickers are printed on premium outdoor grade glossy and matte vinyl and can be used on automotive applications.


Whats the True Bruce Lee, you ask? Find more detail on the watch martial arts legend Bruce Lee wore, here.  Find more on the True Pogue, here.  And on the Cevert, here.  Finally, find more on #FeikoFriday on our Instagram account dedicated to it, here.


If you're out to show the world your love of the legendary Seiko 6139, look no further!

DCVW Vintage Seiko 6139 Sticker Pack

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