During the 70's Heuer sold many stopwatches like Trackmaster and Trackstar, which featured simple pinlever movements, like this vintage vibrant blue early 1980s Heuer Trackmaster Ref. 842.902 15 minute mechanical stopwatch, previously issued to the United States Department of Interior.


Pinlever movements are quite accurate and reliable, with a regulation tolerance of +- 1.5 sec. per hour.  Heuer’s sporty Trackmaster line was a departure from its 'professional' stopwatches for industry and science applications, which had precision anchor movements (Calibre 7700 series with high frequency 36000 bph, with a regulation tolerance of 0.5 seconds per hour).

Few of Heuer’s brightly colored Trackmaster stopwatches have survived in new-old stock condition, and the example on offer here is winding and running in as new condition, and all color-coded bands on the pushers are intact (usually the first thing to wear on these Trackmasters).

Heuer launched its Trackmaster line ciraca 1969, and sold them into the 1980's. However, Heuer mechanical stopwatches, with one notable exception, were no longer emphasized after the early 80's.  Heuer pioneered electronic LCD based stopwatches and sold these aggressively, which effectively ended its stopwatches, such as the Trackmaster here.

This Trackmaster comes with a Pelican travel case.

1980s Heuer Trackmaster Ref.842 Stopwatch, U.S. Government

  • DIAL: Beautiful new-old stock signed dial.


    CASE: Plastic-coated resin case measures 65.5mm x 74mm in great condition.  White lanyard rope is in solid condition, no fraying.


    CRYSTAL: Intact crystal, no blemishes or scratches.


    MOVEMENT: Heuer manual pinlever mechanical movement.


    CROWN/PUSHERS: Unsigned stainless steel crown; matching minute and second hand reset pusher.  Green-banded pusher starts timer, red-banded pusher halts it, and black-banded pusher resets all hands to zero.