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One of the major draws of Seiko’s automatic early dive watch line - which the serviced gold 1967 Seiko 6619-8310 Sportsmatic here counts itself among - were their amazingly simplistic dials and the handset from the famed first Seiko dive watch, the 6217.


And this one here, the gold cased variant, is one of the best 6619's made - surprisingly large for the era, it weighs in at about 38.5mm in width (most from the era were 36mm or smaller).  The 6619 was produced in roughly the same era as the nearly identical 7625-8233 and 7005-8062, all three featured the same stunning dial vairants and similar size.


The sum of the 6119's features combine to form its single greatest aesthetic quality – symmetry. The nearly invisible hidden crowns coupled with the sparse dial give it a simple, clean symmetrical style hard to find in a watch of any era or price range. Everything is in balance.


Per Fratello’s resident Seiko guru, Michael Stockton, review of the steel-grey brethren of this gold 6619 here, the 6619-8230, it is “…awfully wearable and it provides a bona fide alternative to a lot of [nylon strap]-clad, faux USA-made, silly quartz hipster pieces as well (rant much?).  I actually think that is one of Seiko’s best ever and I’ll now do my best to convince you.  On the wrist, the Seiko Sportsmatic is a fantastic wear…So, as you can see, it dresses up and down and looks good with almost any color…much like a gray pair of trousers.”  


“The size also takes away any complaints from those who think that most vintage non-sports watches are small as this Seiko definitely wears as large or larger than its 38mm.  If you’re not a vintage watch person, but are simply reading our site and want a classically styled legitimate timepiece, this is your invitation to stop shopping for watches in the J.Crew catalog – this Seiko is far better than a pricey [nylon strap]-clad Timex.”


Seiko used the quite reliable Calibre 6619 automatic movement – introduced in 1963 – in many of its Sportsmatic models during the same time period in the late 1960s, and used the movement from the mid-to-late 1960's.


This steel-grey 6619 Sportsmatic comes on a leather strap, and with nylon strap, springbar tool, and rugged travel case.

Gold 1967 Seiko 6619-8310 Sportsmatic Automatic Sport Diver

  • DIAL: Silver Seiko-signed starburst dial, with applied gold indices and Seiko logo; no imperfections on dial or on the correct gold handset.  The dial hour indices are simple applied ones in the shape of v-channels, with an upward sloping inner bezel that contains minute lines and lume plots at the hours.  The applied gold metal Seiko logo is accompanied by font that remains in use to this day by the brand, and the day wheel features black font on a white wheel, while the date takes the opposite approach - perfectly designed.


    CASE: Gold-plated stainless-steel case measures 38.5mm x 45.5mm, with matching waterproof-signed caseback, which is rather nicely inscribed with “Seiko 5” logo and 1960's-style “Seiko Sportsmatic” above it.  Gold-plating coverage is mostly uniform throughout the case and bracelet.  Seiko introduced Seiko 5 in 1963, but this era was still early for the insignia, adding to the allure of the watch.


    CRYSTAL: Domed acrylic crystal, no scratches or large cracks.


    BAND: This Sportsmatic comes on a brown leather strap w/gold hardware; it also comes with a black nylon strap.


    MOVEMENT: 21-jewel 6619  automatic movement, manufactured in June 1967, which beats at 18,000 bph with a limited quickset date (date is quickset, but the day is set by manually moving hands forward, by design).  It features Seiko’s magic lever design, allowing winding as the rotor spins in either direction.  Although we did not service this watch, it performs as if it has been serviced in the last year.

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