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Let's get this out of the way - there are entirely too many watch sellers that boast their wares are "rare."  We are not one of these, and this exceptional gold accent variant 1982 Seiko H558-500A "Arnie" anolog-digital multi-function watch actually IS quite rare. 


How is this rare variant different from the more common H558?  Seiko made the gold-accent H558-500A example here in quite small numbers, and the difference between it and the more common models are all gold accent-related - these include the bezel insert, dial, and handset, all of which are usually silver.


The 1980s Seiko H558 was worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger (who noted it as his "favorite watch") in a string of action movies that set the bar for, well, action, in the 1980s, like “Predator (1987),” “Raw Deal (1986),” “Commando (1985)," (which still has the highest fatality count in an action move, I mean, if you’re into that manner of thing), "Running Man (1987)," and even, yes, "Twins (1988)."  And yes, even the epic film, "Terminator 2 (1991)."  In 2019, Seiko would re-release the watch under its Prospex line, and even these continue to carry the sale Arnie moniker.


It's worth quoting in-depth Fratello's feelings for the Seiko H558 Arnie - "Now, I feel a bit like an old geezer in saying this because I realize some of our readers might be a bit younger, but Schwarzenegger was massive in the 80’s and early 90’s.  Sure, there were other action stars (Stallone, Van Damme, Lundgren, Seagal and others), but Arnie kicked the most ass.  Plus, he was hard not to like and due to his often self-deprecating style of acting, there was a genuine feel about him.  People liked him so much that he was elected governor of California – twice – as a Republican! ...I’ll cut to the chase, the Seiko H558 Arnie is a cool watch and certainly worthy of the collectable status that it enjoys. "


But you don't have to take only our word for it that this H558-500A is rare - per Fratello's respected Seiko guru Michael Stockton, "The Seiko [H558] was made in a few different variants...A rare orange version, the H558-500A, also exists with both the JDM and rest of world dial wording as well.  And finally, a very rare h558-500A variant exists with gold hands and gold font on the bezel.  As you know by now, nothing is ever simple with Seiko."


Released in 1982 (with a production run through circa 1990), the Seiko H558 was the first hybrid dive watch rated to 150 meters.  The Japanese are well known for their extreme adventures around the world, and Seiko wanted to provide a watch whose users could rely on with their lives.


As such, Seiko designed its H558 (and the H601) with a few rugged characteristics – many lifesaving. Here are a few (remember, some of these were when the H558 was new, not necessarily now):

   1. Water resistance to 10 atmospheric-pressure depth;

   2. Shock resistance from 3 feet;

   3. Abrasion resistant Hardlex was used, all the better to stand up to decompression;

   4. Resistance to chemical and gas exposure, such as alcohols and cosmetic oils, and ammonia gas and carbon monoxide;

   5. Bright luminescence allowing readability from 25cm in complete darkness; and,

   6. Engineered to withstand temperatures of -40C to 60C (after all, it was tested on expeditions to the south and north poles, as well as, of course an Everest ascent in 1988).


This rare Seiko H558 comes on a NOS rubber Seiko DAL1BP strap, and with a nylon strap, rugged travel case, and springbar tool.

Rare Gold Accent Variant 1982 Seiko H558-500A "Arnie" Analog-Digital Watch

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  • DIAL: Black Seiko-signed dial in exceptional condition, with gold font on the dial and perfect sugar cube-like granular lume on dial; original lume shines quite nicely.


    CASE: Stainless-steel case measures 48.5mm x 47.5mm, with matching stainless-steel caseback.  Original H558 shroud surrounds a bezel with a nearly flawless bezel insert and lume pip. 


    CRYSTAL: H558-correct Hardlex crystal, no deep scratches or cracks.


    BAND: This H558 comes on an original NOS rubber 22mm Seiko DAL1BP strap; this Arnie also comes with a premium green, beige, and red nylon strap.


    MOVEMENT: Seiko H558 quartz hacking movement, manufactured in May 1982; movement uses a button-cell battery.  All functions– including GMT, alarm, stopwatch – work, including the light.  All LCD segments work well and are clearly legible – LCD contrast is excellent.  Movement has no evidence of previous battery leakage.  The H558 featured an altogether different and more robust quartz movement than its little brother, the H601 "upside down Arnie," which unlike the H558, has its LCD display at the bottom of the dial. 


    CROWN: Unsigned screw-down crown.


    Seiko designed the H558 with a user-friendly interface - again, per Fratello, "The user interface for the Seiko H558 Arnie has to be one of the best I’ve ever used...The upper left button on the left side activates the digital display light when the chronograph is not being used.  The lower left button allows the user to scroll through the various functions such as the date, local time, time at other location, alarm, and chronograph.  To adjust most things, one simply has to scroll to the right function, unscrew the crown to the second stop (the third changes the analog hands) and turn the crown in either direction to adjust the setting.  When the crown is pushed down, everything is locked into place."

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