DCVW presents for sale a new-old stock 1980s Heuer Ref. 3073 Microsplit Digital 1/100,000 stopwatch, presented with original Heuer box and warranty paperwork.  The all-original Microsplit is in good working order, and includes a Heuer-signed lanyard.  This Microsplit is a unique, specialized industry timer that measures to the decimal, per hour – it is not a 60 second timer – and surprisingly, there is next to no evidence of use on this Heuer Microsplit.

The Microsplit measures 1/100,000 hour up to 9.99999 hours, with start, stop, time-out, split and reset-to-zero functions. Heuer advertized quartz accuracy of +/-0.0004%, with battery use of longer than two years.

Eduard Heuer founded The Heuer Watch Company in 1860 in St. Imier, Switzerland. In 1911, Heuer introduced the first automobile dashboard chronograph called the "Time of Trip." This timepiece revolutionized the world of automotive racing because it enabled the pilots and co-pilots to keep track of their lap times. In 1914 they changed the sports world once again with the introduction of the first wrist worn chronograph. Heuer’s dominance of the stopwatch market continued into the 1970s and 1980s, when electronic stopwatches finally dethroned them.

Throughout its history, Heuer produced stopwatches for a broad range of applications, including industrial, science and sports timing. Check out Heuer’s history on the excellent Heuer-dedicated sites, Calibre 11 (www.calibre11.com) and OnTheDash (www.onthedash.com).

Heuer Ref.3073 1/100k Digital Microsplit Stopwatch

  • ELECTRONIC DISPLAY: Flawless display, all LCD numbers are functioning as designed.


    CASE: Original 61mm x 71mm steel case. Original Heuer-signed lanyard in perfect condition.


    CRYSTAL: Flawless plastic crystal.


    MOVEMENT: Original Heuer digital movement, manufactured in Switzerland and powered by a 1.5 Volt, A76 battery.


    STOPWATCH PUSHERS: Original red and green plastic stopwatch pushers, which react to push with beep-action.