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Within the world of vintage Seiko, Grand Seiko – distinguished by the “GS” on dial/crown and gold medallion on its caseback, like on this 1970 GS 6146-8000 Hi-Beat here – inhabits the top of the food chain, simple as that. 


Grand Seiko – with 51 different models – were simply the most painstakingly designed and exquisite watches made by Seiko, produced by both the Dani and Suwa factories.


The hi-beat 61GS series started production in 1967, full of Grammar of Design awesomeness, with sales continuing through until the end of the vintage Grand Seiko era in 1975, a self-inflicted fatality of the quartz crisis.  The high-beat credentials of the 61GS are entirely authentic in that these movements run at 36000 beats per hour or, to put it another way, 10 beats per second or 5 Hz.


The 61GS was the second generation of Grand Seiko automatic, following the rather short-lived 62GS that dominated from 1966/1967 to circa 1968 (the 62GS was preceded by the Seikomatic 62 Chronometers in 1966 that were identical in all but branding).


This Grand Seiko comes with a leather strap, nylon strap, Pelican travel case, and springbar tool.

Hi-Beat 1970 Grand Seiko 6146-8000 Automatic Watch

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  • DIAL: Brilliant Grand Seiko-signed dial; matching hour, minute, and second hands.


    CASE: Stainless-steel case - in all its Grammar of Design glory - measures 38.5mm x 42.5mm; gold Grand Seiko emblem on caseback is in great condition - these are frequently quite worn from wearer's sweat over the decades.


    CRYSTAL: Slightly-domed crystal, in good condition - no scratches.


    MOVEMENT: Hi-beat 6146A automatic movement - 25 jewel movement beats at 36,000 bph and was produced in February 1970 in Seiko’s Suwa factory. 


    CROWN: “GS” signed crown.

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