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Despite the ubiquitous presence of smart phones today, some people prefer the deliciously old-fashioned option of using a ballpoint pen to jot down their ideas and carry an inexpensive pen.


Then there are those that decide to carry higher quality and durable pens as part of their every day carry as they go about their daily activities.  Since pens are almost always carried in person, why not have one that can be used not just for writing, but also for emergencies?


A tactical pen, much like a pocket knife, is often overlooked when considering your EDC gear, but a tactical pen could well save your life one day or at the very least allow you to jot down your ideas or notes.  Tactical pens – like the one here – feature heavy-duty machined metal construction and fit easily in your pocket.  


Although their primary purpose is for writing, tactical pens incorporate a glass breaker and a blunt end that can be used both as a defensive or survival tool. Tactical pens also use pressurized ink cartridges since they are meant to be used in tough environments.

A tactical pen should be inconspicuous – the best tactical pen are those that look like a regular pen, and not attract attention or be identified as something that can be used for self-defense.  


This tactical pen is made of lightweight aluminum, measures six inches in length, and takes Parker and Fisher Space Pen ink cartridges.

Stainless Steel Tactical Writing Pen

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