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As we continue to scan in a huge trove of vintage Seiko catalogs, we thought to make more stickers out of some seriously iconic vintage Seiko advertisements from the 1970s, and make them available for purchase


Each sticker pack includes the following seven high-quality vinyl stickers:


-  1970s Seiko 5 Sports advert, "For the Owner of the Seiko Five Sports," 3 inches circular;

- Playboy Magazine "interview" advert for the 1970s Seiko 6138 "UFO" chronograph, 3 x 3.75 inches rectangular;

- Seiko 5 SpeedTimer sticker, 3.5 x 2 inches rectangular;

- Seiko 6139 double advert sticker for the 1970s Seiko 6139 "Colonel Pogue" and "Cevert" automatic chronographs, 4.5 x 3 inches rectangular;

- one of two stickers featuring either a late 1960s MACV-SOG Seiko 6619-8060 or 6106-8100 automatic sport diver, 3 x 3.25 rectangular (please indicate choice);

- DC Vintage Watches #FeikoFriday sticker, 6 x 2 inches square;

- and (of course), a DC Vintage Watches sticker, 6 x 2 inches rectangular.


Stickers are printed on premium outdoor grade glossy or matte vinyl and can be used on automotive applications.


Find more on the True Pogue, here.  And on the Cevert, here.  Finally, find more on #FeikoFriday on our Instagram account dedicated to it, here.


If you're out to show the world your love of the legendary Seiko 6139, look no further!


Got any other stickers you'd like us to make for the shop?  Email us!

DCVW Vintage 1970s Seiko Advertisment Sticker Pack

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